Mr Palmer

The highlight of my longbut sporadic career as a poet(a single day when aged eleventwo weeks now at fifty-two)was when our teacherMr Palmer one day announcedthat our class would spend the morningwriting poems, and couldn’t go outin the playground until we’d eachcompleted at least one It doesn’t have to rhymehe reassured usjust write down what […]

No permit’s required

No permit’s requiredI realizeto capture momentsfrom my lifein wordsto share with othersFrom a middle-agedbeginner poet:some versesfor those who liketo laughor ponderAnd everyone elsecan go to hell © Daniel Stephens, 2019 ‘No Permit’s Required’ is a 113 page .pdf format ebook containing “some verses for those who like to laugh or ponder”. Download the FREE sample […]