Mr Palmer

The highlight of my long
but sporadic career as a poet
(a single day when aged eleven
two weeks now at fifty-two)
was when our teacher
Mr Palmer one day announced
that our class would spend the morning
writing poems, and couldn’t go out
in the playground until we’d each
completed at least one

illustration by Anya Lauri

It doesn’t have to rhyme
he reassured us
just write down what you feel
A strange instruction at the time
which lead to lots of head-scratching

After some minutes before
a blank sheet of A4
some silly idea
probably copied from
something I’d seen on TV
came spurting from my pencil lead:
half a dozen verses in dramatic style
I wish I had them still

Later, I was called to the stage
to read aloud at assembly
The headmaster introduced me:
Daniel Stephens
has written a poem

Famous for two minutes,
there followed
a long hiatus

© Daniel Stephens, 2020

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